Looking Forward to HA Summit ‘15

We have all seen the growth of technology move forward at an almost exponential rate. Many times it is difficult to grasp on to the terminology that is associated with this growth, let alone to fully comprehend the potential for your business or organization. This is very much the case when it comes to advances within the healthcare software system realm. To help bring technology, terminology and potential back down to understandable levels, Health Catalyst is presenting Healthcare Analytics Summit 2015.

A small army of data-driven analysts and healthcare professionals sought out and attended last year’s Summit for a myriad of reasons, and came away with a completely different assortment of experiences and understandings than anticipated. A typical summit or conglomeration of speakers tend to speak at the attendees and bombard them with facts and statistics that may or may not be helpful to improve the organizations these individuals represent. It was precisely this kind of example that drove Health Catalyst to create a much more personable and audience-attentive experience.


First and foremost, the grouping of keynote speakers chosen were of extremely high caliber and brought with them an immeasurable amount of knowledge from an array of distinct backgrounds, but all very applicable to where the healthcare industry is headed sooner rather than later. Health Catalyst understood that many roles within healthcare organizations would be embodied, thus they established an outline that was general enough for all to understand, yet specific enough to address the various technicalities for particular held positions.

Rather than making the Summit all about the keynote speakers, Health Catalyst created an app that allowed guests to truly participate. Audience members could answer poll questions, present their own questions, comments on ongoing presentations and look up information to bolster their own insight into the topics being presented. As you might image, the ability for better communication, more detailed and real-time engagement, and absolute discernment were byproducts. However, as you might have figured out by now, Health Catalyst is not calling this tool of engagement a perfected feature in this year’s Summit, but is already working on the ways in which it might be enhanced and developed for a better overall experience.

Within the industry it is no secret that healthcare technology is far behind other industries in the implementation of analytical systems. Yet, healthcare is one of the most crucial industries out there. To play catch-up with advances in software and to improve care while cutting costs means a significant change to the old ways of doing business. The question then is: Where do I/we start? If you know that change needs to come, that it may even be required by your organization, and an internet search produces millions of possibilities, you might be more likely to leave it to better time when you have less on your plate. Obviously, that moment never comes, because we have tasks and obligations building up every day. This is exactly the purpose behind the Healthcare Analytics Summit. It is meant to take this grand idea from the clouds and make it a personal, and almost tangible concept that is applicable.


Among other things, the Summit is supposed to be an evidence-based experience, yet one that is not individualistic. What this means is that you are not siloed exclusively by yourself or with the group you are attending. The ability to network with peers and engage in team practices and sessions is an essential aspect to the overall experience. This empowers everyone to have hands-on and interactive feedback, which translates to a more rewarding and relevant familiarity to what the future will bring to your organization.

Though the exact details of the 2015 Summit are being closely guarded, the expectations are set very high due to the results from last year’s attendees. As part of the possibilities for this year, Health Catalyst has reserved more space for more to attend. So, rather than hunting and pecking for answers both big and small, and then applying the trial and error protocol within your organization, find all the answers you are seeking in one place. It could mean the difference between driving the vehicle you are a part of, or being driven by the winds of change. There is nothing to lose when advancing your base of knowledge.